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One step AI upgrade for your machines

AVa (Acoustic & Vibration Analytics Device)

Our AVa constantly measures the heartbeat of the machines its retro-fitted on. With a combination of Acoustic and Vibration data, it delivers efficient insights through robust multi-nodal AI analytics.

With easy-mount method, mount the sensor directly on and near crucial machine components for in-depth analysis.

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Anomaly detection

Detect the anomalies in key machine components to constantly predict the machine status.

Predictive maintenance

Determine the failure well before the time, saving you from unplanned downtime and unpredicted maintenance costs.

Production optimization

Using insights and by evaluating and implementing optimal production structure


High data rates

Collect valuable data continuously at high frequency

Small / Light weight

under l00gms for easy mounting

Wireless communication

No clogging of workspace with data cables


A personal assistant for your production line


Tess automates your QA process, allowing you to stay up to date with the quality of the production line. Starting with stereo-vision and scalable to more, it provides high-accuracy product measurements, superficial defect detection and internal imperfections.

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A measurable accuracy of 40μm is recorded.


Stay updated about the quality of production line from anywhere.

High throughput

With high-speed vision systems, improve your throughput without compromising on accuracy.

Low Costs

By keeping things pure and focused, we concentrate on functionality rather than fanciness


Eliminate the need for manual documentation in the QA processes


High speed imaging

with up to 60fps camera systems

Laser texturing

providing texture to non-textured objects

Fully integrated

Device is built with an internal CPU and a GPU (supported by NVIDIA) for faster end-to-end image processing

High resolution

12MP camera resolution provides an accuracy of 40μm measurements


Smart and intelligent watchmen for your factory


This is an artificial intelligent platform. It focuses on keeping the processes under your control. The platform is designed to keep the end-customer in mind therefore it's user- friendly and simple to operate.

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Local process

global access — Access your factory information and highlights of the processes on one platform.


You can view the information in visual, easy to understand format. For a technician or a chair holder, everyone gets it


Providing the opportunities of scaling onto more devices


Quick Setup

10 minutes setup time


single license for all users

Integrated AI

AI analytics integrated for select devices

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