NOVO AI's predictive maintenance solution AVa.

AVa (Acoustic & Vibration Analytics Device)

With easy-mount method, mount the sensor directly on and near crucial machine components for in-depth analysis.


Machine State Detection

Detect and visualize the state of the machine accurately from anywhere on the globe.

Anomaly detection

Detect the anomalies in key machine components to constantly predict the machine status.

Predictive maintenance

Determine the failure well before the time, saving you from unplanned downtime and unpredicted maintenance costs.

Production optimization

Using insights by evaluating and implementing optimal production structure.


Tess automates your QA process, allowing you to stay up to date with the quality of the production line. Starting with stereo-vision and scalable to more, it provides high-accuracy product measurements, superficial defect detection and internal imperfections.



A measurable accuracy of 80μm is recorded.


Stay updated about the quality of production line from anywhere.

High throughput

With high-speed vision systems (up to 120 fps), improve your throughput without compromising on accuracy.

Low Costs

By keeping things pure and focused, we concentrate on functionality rather than fanciness


Eliminate the need for manual documentation in the QA processes

Watchmen (AI PLATFORM)

Our artificial intelligence platform is designed to bring an unprecedented level of efficiency and control to your processes. The goal of our platform is to empower you with the tools you need to keep your processes running smoothly, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you.


Process optimization

Utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence models, we offer the ability to increase efficiency by up to 30% through the detection of potential failures and the provision of optimization recommendations.

Anyone visualization

You can view the information in visual, easy to understand format. For a technician or a chair holder, everyone gets it.


Our artificial intelligence platform enables seamless integration with all of your production machines, regardless of their manufacturer or vintage. We are able to digitize and elevate each machine to the cutting-edge standards of IoT technology.


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