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How does Novo AI help its customers?


Ø OEE increase

Within a few months


Ø more availability

Within a few months


Ø less wasted electricity

Within a few months

"The shortage of skilled workers, rising energy costs and wage costs present us and German SMEs with major challenges. In my opinion, "Made in Germany" is only possible in the long term through automation and digitalization. We need intelligent real-time data collection and processing."
Frank Ringat, CEO
Helmut Diebold GmbH & Co. Goldring-Werkzeugfabrik

"With Novo AI AI-based technology, we have revolutionized our production processes.The real-time analysis of the machinery enables us to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and waste immediately.
Rushi Bhalodia, CEO
Rushi Technocast

"Thanks to the AI sensors we now have access to real-time data that helps us make better decisions every day. With Watchmen, we can now analyze the machines in real time. With the help of Novo AI we have been able to increase the average OEE of the shop floor from 30% to 60% and in some cases even higher.
Salvatore Viola, COO
Helmut Diebold GmbH & Co. Goldring-Werkzeugfabrik

Novo AI: Rapid increase in productivity as standard.This is what we were able to do on average for our customers:

0 Hours

Gain productive machine time

0 Hours

Machine idling prevented

0 kWh

Less machine energy waste

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