Opportunities For The Telecommunication During COVID-19

Opportunities For The Telecommunication During COVID-19

The novel coronavirus pandemic has stalled economic activity, threatening to push the world into a recession, and the telco companies are dealing with an unprecedented challenge. However, the outlook remains positive in the long-term as reliable connectivity will become a critical commodity.

Present state-of-affairs

• The telco service providers have gained first-hand experience in managing a dynamic network traffic management and will have a better understanding of the challenges of homeworking.
• The telco operators are now demanding an additional spectrum on a temporary basis from the respective government. This is due because of the unprecedented increase in data usage as a result of “work from home” and “self-quarantine” across the world to provide seamless internet services for a smoother work-from-home experience.
• Many of the telco giants have activated a comprehensive pandemic response plan to keep networks working as telco becomes a rather more essential service. Moreover, as more employees are being asked to work remotely, the industry faces the prospect of delayed initiatives and missed partnership opportunities and are now putting the smart city technology in practice to mitigate the impact of the Coronavirus.
• As a response to the arising global pandemic crisis, the telco service providers have put their full-fledged contingency plan in place to deal with any possibility.
• Deutsche Telekom has been a game changer in Germany and worldwide by setting up a mobile radio station at the Corona emergency hospital in Neustadt an der Weinstraße in merely 5 days. A comprehensive pandemic response plan with requisite risk mitigation protocols has been activated while ensuring continuity of mission critical processes for keeping the networks working as telco is an essential service in these unusual times.

Global picture

• Telco has always been critical but never more critical than it is today. In times of global digitalization, we are also living in the era of disturbed nature and fragile global health infrastructure. Telecomunication has rendered a crucial role in assisting the global industrial chores and made it possible for the government and the global industry to keep the economy upright and health services to work seamlessly.
• The telco giants are continuously evolving in these times and have brought a major transformation in the working regimes at a global level. The mission of every telco is to keep the economy moving. They are providing a business critical connectivity and enable students to be able to work from home.
• We all are relying on the home internet to stay connected during this outbreak and with the on-set of such atypical times, we are witnessing a close collaboration between the countries to contain the widespread of the virus. The connectivity is possible because of the alliance of the global telco leaders.
• We have entered the times of ‘Virtual Leadership’ and it has become possible because of the ever-evolving telco industry. Major IT companies, healthcare service providers, manufacturing giants and the bureaucratic work relies on the smooth telco infrastructure.

Post recovery

• In the post COVID-19 era, telcos are expected to perform well as the world will be more connected and millions of users worldwide will be digitally united and more familiar with digital tools.
• There will be an increased investment by the companies in their telecommunication network and a sharp forward increase in the investment in 5G because of its increased reliability and speed.
• On the other side, the telco leaders would have to ensure the reliability of the networks with the increased usage and strengthen the data-privacy frameworks. They will also have to reassess the cost-structure of their services to make it affordable and to reduce the customer churn post the global crisis in view of COVID-19.
• With an introduction of the biological weapons and an exponential increase in the natural calamities, telecommunication giants would play a prime role in keeping the world connected.

NOTE: The views expressed are entirely personal.

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